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"Do you feel it? Do you feel the power of the dark side? The only real power! The only thing worth living for!" -Darth Bane

The Sith Archives is a compilation of information about the Sith and thier teachings. We have included screenshots, biographies, quotes, and even a stylized version of our clan's history. The Sith Archives now contain 6 entries.
Dark Lords of the Sith
DLS Photo Album - Documented photographs of Sith conquest, adventures, and parties.
Xfire Profiles - Take a look at the impressive gaming records of our members.
Book I - In this first installment, the Dark Lords of the Sith rise out of obscurity and set forth on a path that will forever change the face of the galaxy. But to conquer the galaxy, they must first conquer themselves, defeating the termoil within thier own sect.
Book II - The Dark Lords of the Sith have successfully unified the Sith under a single banner and have begun constructing an empire. However, now on the galactic radar, the Dark Lords of the Sith face even more dangerous perils.
Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds
The following entries were placed in the Sith Archives as the SWGB Era of the Dark Lords of the Sith came to a close.
The Hall of Shame - Have a good laugh at every noob to sneak through the gates of DLS.
Complete Roster - See the name of every warrior to ever battle for the glory of the Dark Lords of the Sith during the original SWGB era.
Star Wars Universe
Sith Quotes - Learn more about the teachings of the dark side.
Exar Kun - Read the story of one of the greatest Sith Lords.
These are the sources for our Sith Archives. Most of our information can be found here.

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