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"If you only knew the power of the Dark Side." -Darth Vader

The goverment of the Dark Lords of the Sith is considered to be an autocracy. It is governed by a benevolent Sith Emperor. To help ensure that the Sith Emperor serves the will of the people, a Sith High Council comprised of senior members has been put into place. The Sith High Council is the governing body of Dark Lords of the Sith. Combined with the efforts of the Sith Emperor, they are responsible for making executive decisions and leading the clan to victory. They also serve as a court for the clan's most high-profile cases. The Sith High Commander resides of the Sith High Council. In the case that a vote results in a tie, he may act as the tie-breaker.
DLS has also established a number of departments in order to better execute the fundamental duties of government. The Ministry of Diplomacy handles our diplomatic relations with other clans. The Security Council performs a number of duties including uncovering and eliminating security threats. The Disciplinary Committee mediates minor disputes and enforces a reasonable level of order within the clan. Our Forum Department helps maintain and promote various aspects of our forum.
Only the most highly qualified members may join a department. All prospective members must be cleared by both the Department Head and Clan Leader. Departments may take the place of a division, which all members are required to be in, but in most cases, members opt to remain in thier respective division while serving in a department. Because being a member of a department is one of the most demanding jobs in the clan, a member may only join a single department.
Sith High Command
Sith Emperor - DLS_DarthNitro
Sith High Commander - DLS_DarthLego1
Ministry of Diplomacy
Head of Diplomacy - DLS_DarthFalco
Diplomat - DLS_YodaWarior
Security Council
Chief of Security - DLS_Scorch
Recruitment Council
Head of Recruitment - DLS_YodaWarior
Justice Department
Forum Department
We have many different departments on our forum for keeping up with rosters, RPGs, graphics, and other important areas. Members may learn more about these jobs on our forum.

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