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"Execute Order 66" -Darth Sidious

The Dark Lords of the Sith began as a single game clan, focusing only on Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds. Since then, our clan has grown into a powerful, well-balanced Star Wars clan. We are dedicated to anything and everything Star Wars.
The DLS Forum also offers a Gaming Center service that helps unite our clan members on non-Star Wars games. In addition, DLS has also founded the Grand Sith Empire. The GSE is for partner clans, created and maintained by DLS members, that play a variety of non-Star Wars games. It is also aimed at uniting members with similiar gaming interests.
Official DLS Games
Battlefront series
Empire at War
Galactic Battlegrounds
Jedi Academy
Knights of the Old Republic series
Republic Commando
Return to Blockland
Star Wars Combine
Games Offered by GSE
Call of Duty series
Counter-Strike: Source
Any many more!

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