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"Go on to your higher plane, teacher. The galaxy is mine now."  -Exar Kun

Information for Prospective Recruits
If you are interested in joining DLS, please fill out an application in our forum's Recruitment Office. You can find a copy of the application here. There is a short waiting period, ranging from a few minutes to a few days, for applications to be processed. Once your application is accepted, you will become a full-fledged Dark Lord of the Sith.
Name Change
As new member of DLS, you are expected to immediately change your name to DLS_whateveryouwant on all Star Wars games. Any vulgar or distateful names will not be accepted. Also, if you select a name of a Star Wars character, there is some chance of having to alter the name due to another DLS member using the name. We also strongly encourage our members to use thier DLS tags whenever possible, such as on instant messengers.
Communication is key. With consistent communication, it is hard for us to keep track of our members. That is why all members are required to sign up on our forum during the application proccess. Not everyone is a huge fan of forums, but all members are required and expected to occassionally visit the forum, if only to fill out a periodic progress report. We also strongly recommend getting Xfire, a free instant messenger designed for gamers.
Members of DLS are responsible for reading and understanding all the rules of the clan. Not reading the rules is NOT an adequate excuse for a violation. The rules can be found on our Information page. If a member ever has a question or concern about the rules of the clan, they are more than welcome to ask for clarification. The purpose of the law is not to punish people, but to maintain order within the clan. Luckily, the clan tends to run very smoothly without many disturbances.

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