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"You underestimate the power of the dark side!" -Darth Vader


Dark Lords of the Sith

General Information
About DLS
Dark Lords of the Sith is a well-established Star Wars clan. DLS began as a successful clan on the MSN Gaming Zone playing Galactic Battlegrounds. Capitalizing on our strong and loyal membership, we were able to move into several other games with relative ease.
DLS is very member-friendly, as we try to allow our members as much freedom as we can. Our members are always invited to speak thier mind about clan matters so that we may form a more perfect gaming organization. Even members who enjoy participating on forum RPGs will be well suited for DLS. We encourage our members to not only excel at gaming, but to also establish lasting friendships within the clan.

Mission Statement
The primary goal of DLS is to create a strong gaming community based on integrity and brotherhood. By creating a clan that harbors long-lasting friendships, we hope to build a clan in which our members enjoy and are proud being a part of. Skill and talent are still taken into high consideration, but it has been deemphasized in favor of brotherhood.
DLS Early History
The Dark Lords of the Sith was originally known as the Order of the Obelisk, OO. It was often mistaken for a Yugi-Oh! reference, and as a result, recruitment rates suffered. In May of 2005, OO officially became DLS. The clan was an overnight success. The summer of 2005 proved to be a breeding ground for multiple clans such as IBSL, ISA, RCF, AD, UA, HA, ATU, etc. DLS was the only clan created during this time period to have survived the transition into the fall.
For the creative text version of our history, visit the Sith Archives.
To see how to earn a promotion, please scroll down to the "Clan Policies" section. Ranks are isolated to each division. They do not hold any equivalency with other ranks in other divisions. Therefore, members may not accurately compare ranks from division to division. However, a rank equivalency chart is being developed. It will help create an even playing field as well as aiding in division transfers.
The Sith Code
Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.

Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me
There is currently no one on the blacklist.
Promotional Videos
Our first promotional video is entitled Korriban. (We have fixed the link! We apologize for the inconvienance.)
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Clan Policies
Many factors are taken into consideration when deciding promotions. For a member to be promoted it is essential that they are active on the forum, loyal to the clan, have the proper attitude, and contribute to the overall growth of the clan. In many cases, the incorrect attitude can be a member's greatest enemy when seeking a promotion. Constantly asking for a promotion does not help either, but all members are encouraged to inquire about what they need to do to climb the ranks. Gaming skill alone is not enough to earn a promotion. However, if a member where to use that skill to consistently bring new talent into the clan, that member's efforts would be rewarded accordingly. Another huge factor is time. We take into account the amount of time you have been in the clan as well as the amount of time since your last promotion. Other factors for earning a promotion include but are not limited to seniority, participation, dependability, and the ability to follow directions.
The Dark Lords of the Sith permits multi-clanning as long as the member who chooses to multi-clan adheres to a few modest policies. Firstly, a member must present minimal information about the clan they wish to join as well as why they wish to join it. In general, multi-clanning slows the rate of promotion and can sometimes prevent members from taking on certain jobs. However, this strongly depends on the type of clan the member chooses to join. As a basic rule of thumb, the less involved DLS is with a game, the less restrictions a member may face when joining a clan based on that game. For instance, joining another Star Wars clan of any kind would cause greater restrictions than joining a Call of Duty clan. However, all members are encouraged to play games within the DLS community.
The Dark Lords of the Sith prides itself on holding high standards for its members. More info coming soon!

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