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"Impressive...most impressive." -Darth Vader

DLS issues medals, awards, and commemorative relics to members who have proven themselves worthy through thier exceptional display of ability and devoution to the clan. Many of our medals are named in honor of the great Sith Lords before us.
To see a list of all our medal winners, visit the Hall of the Sith Lords.

Exar Kun Medal - This medal is awarded to a member who plays many matches online. Thier agressive gaming has not only earned them respect, but it has also brought honor to the clan.

Darth Tyranus Medal - This medal is awarded to a member who has shown vast improvement from the time they first entered the clan. Recipents are willing to be taught, graceful in both victory and defeat, and strive to discover the hidden secrets of the dark side. 

Darth Maul Medal - This medal is awarded to a member who has made a sacrifice for the good of the clan and has shown an amazing amount of devoution to everything the clan is and stands for.

Darth Sidious Medal - This medal is awarded to members who have shown excellence in recruiting new members. Recipients of this medal bring in commendable amounts of traffic, handle the recruitment procecss with the utmost care, and also, recruit new members of high quality.

Darth Vader MVP Award - This award is awarded to the member who has best displayed what it means to be a member of Dark Lords of the Sith. The award is usually  given out each month.

The Blade of Ajunta Pall - The honorary blade is given out to members who help lead our clan to victory in a time of war. The blade is either given out during or slighty after a time of war.

Sith Lightsaber - This traditional red lightsaber is awarded to veteran members. Once Empire at War comes out, each member will receive a saber, signifying that they were a proud member of DLS during the time of Galactic Battlegrounds.

Mythosaur Skull - This medal is awarded to a member of Clan Ordo who has displayed what it truly means to be a Mandalorian.
Mask of Darth Nihilus - This relic is awarded to a member of the Sith Order who has shown extensive knowledge and mastery of the dark side of the Force.

Badge - A badge is awarded to a member who excels in any particular game.

Holocron - This Sith holocron is awarded to a member who is a master of a particular game.


Darth Bane Medal - This medal is awarded to a member who has won an official DLS Tournament.

Lord Kaan Medal - This medal is awarded to a member who has placed second in an official DLS Tournament.

Ribbon - This ribbon is awarded to participants of a DLS Tournament. Each ribbon signifies what round the participant made it to.

Ludo Kresh Award - This award is given out to members who greatly contribute to the organization of a DLS Tournament.


Sith Power Gauntlets - These gloves are awarded to a member with over 1000 posts on the forum. The gloves are designed to increase the user's strength.

Sith War Sword - This blade is awarded to a member with over 2000 posts on the forum.Though most favor lightsabers, some Sith prefer the more visceral feel of metal cutting flesh. These blades are usually blended with with cortosis to protect against lightsaber sparring damage.

Asajj Ventress's Linksabers - This unique weapon is awarded to a member with over 3000 posts on the forum. The linksabers once belonged to a dark Jedi known as Asajj Ventress. These deadly weapons allowed her to carry out the will of Darth Tyranus and his Seperatist Movement.

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