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"If you are not with me, then you are my enemy. " - Darth Vader

Only clans that appear on this website are officially recognized as allies of the Dark Lords of the Sith. The relationship between DLS and its allies differ from clan to clan because each alliance is unique and based on different terms. To be become an enemy of DLS, a clan must offend us deeply. If a clan finds itself on our enemies list, they are in deep Sith and often end up on the Clans Crushed By DLS list. Clans who have pledged themselves to DLS are part of our Greater Sith Empire. These are clans that work for or closely with DLS. In return for thier loyality and obedience, they are allowed to flourish under our great empire.
IGE - InterGalactic Enforcers
ERH - Emperor's Right Hand
GI - Galactic Imperium
DH - Dark Hand
No clans are hostile towards the Sith
No one dare oppose the Sith.
Current Affiliations
Clans Merged Into DLS
IGBC - Intergalactic Banking Clan
TSE - The Sith Empire
Clans Crushed by the Might of DLS
RSF - Royal Senate Forces
DE - Dark Emperor
DJ - Dark Jedi
CSM - Chaos Space Marines
TRAD - The Rebellion Against DLS
If your clan is interested in opening and maintaining diplomatic relations with the Dark Lords of the Sith, please visit the DLS Embassy on our forum.

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