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Exar Kun

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Exar Kun: Dark Lord of the Sith

Exar Kun began as a rash and talented student, studying under Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas. While briefly veiwing his master's forbidden holocron, Exar Kun was overwhelmed by the temptation of power. Master Baas was displeased with Ecar Kun's discovery because the knowledge of the dark side was a dangerous weapon in the hands of an ambitious pupil such as Exar Kun. Kun eventually abandoned his master and travelled to the war-torn planet of Onderon.
While on Onderon, Exar Kun discovered the location of an ancient Sith tomb on the moon of Onderon, Dxun. In the tomb, he encountered the spirit of the Sith Lord, Freedon Nadd. The disembodied commands of Nadd appealed to the tainted Jedi's curiosity and ambition, and Kun soon began voyaging the Sith mausoleum world of Korriban. 
The spirit of Freedon Nadd, along with those of other long-deceased Sith Lords, decided to test the dark Jedi. While exploring a cavern, Kun became trapped beneath tons of rock, caused by an intentional cave-in. He was rendered unable to use the Force, and only by fully embracing the dark side, giving into fear and anger, was he able to escape. Exar Kun left the cavern transformed, a mere shadow of his former self, corrupted by the dark side.
Before fully embracing the dark side, Exar Kun fled to the jungle moon of Yavin IV. There he encountered the primitive experiment of Sith Lord Naga Sadow, the fearsome Massassi race. Being denied the powers of the light, but at the same time refusing to entirely accept the dark side, Kun was easily captured by these primitives. As Kun, on the verge of death, was being crushed by a giant creature of alchemical origins, Freedon Nadd proceeded to interrupt another of his student's predicaments. In what would be Kun's final moments before being totally swept by the dark side, Nadd instructed his pupil that his only escape was to once again use the darkness within him. Taking the Sith amulet being displayed at his Massassi sacrifice in hand, Kun embraced its dark nature with absolute conviction. Transformed into an agent of darkness, he broke free from his captors, slaughtering them without hesitation. While Nadd displayed pleasure at Kun's progress, the newfound Dark Jedi became fed up with the ancient Sith's tests. At that instant, Freedon Nadd's presence in the galaxy was vanquished by the amulet his protégé now held.
Engulfed in the dark side, Kun elevated himself to the status of a god and enslaved the Massassi. After doing so, he forced them to construct a great complex of temples that were used in arcane Sith ceremonies and rites. Fascinated with Sith teachings of alchemy and magic, Kun was able to create terrifying creatures twisted by the dark side's influence while conquering the fourth moon of Yavin.
He then proceeded to ally himself with the Krath of the Empress Teta System, the Mandalorians, led by Mandalore the Indomitable, and a band of Jedi he had seduced to the dark side and converted into Sith. We would use his new found allies to begin a war against the Jedi and the Republic. One such fallen Jedi was Ulic Qel-Droman, who Kun perceived as the only Force-sensitive tainted by the Sith that could challenge him. In a fierce duel between the fallen Jedi on Cinnagar, both amulets that each combatant was wearing had suddenly sprung to life. Through an awakening of Sith energies, the amulets displayed a vision of a once glorious Sith Empire that had existed a thousand years in the past. Another ancient Sith spirit, this one of Marka Ragnos, declared both Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma as the leaders of the new Sith Empire. Exar, being the more powerful of the two, was declared the Dark Lord of the Sith, with Ulic as his apprentice. The Great Sith War had begun.
With his new followers, Kun was able to unleash unbridled devastation across the galaxy. This power was manifested with the release of ancient Sith technologies that destroyed multiple stars of the Cron Cluster, annihilated entire worlds, and scoured the surface of Ossus.
After learning of Qel-Droma's capture and pending trial on Coruscant, Kun clashed with his old master, Vodo-Siosk Baas, and struck him down at the doors of the Old Republic Senate Chamber. The slaying of Master Baas opened the eyes of all around Kun who had not already seen his descent into the dark side of the Force.

Under him, the Sith were able to push the Jedi back as they were forced to abandon many of their strongholds. The Jedi and the Republic both suffered many setbacks, until Kun was betrayed by his apprentice, Ulic Qel-Droma. After being cut off from the Force, the fallen Jedi recanted Kun's journey into the dark side. Qel-Droma then led the Republic to Kun's temples on Yavin IV. On the jungle moon, Kun sensed he would not survive the Republic's coming attack. Thus, he drained the life-force of the entire Massassi race and bound his spirit to the temples they had built for him. He remained largely dormant and was even forgotten as the centuries passed.

For four millennia, Kun's disembodied spirit slumbered. The presence of a dozen Force-sensitives stirred his consciousness. It was now several years after the Battle of Endor, and Jedi Master Luke Skywalker had begun training Jedi at an academy on Yavin 4. Exar Kun's spirit sought to corrupt Skywalker's students and bring about a dark side reign again. He controlled Luke's most powerful student, Kyp Durron, but in the end, Luke's students united and were able to finally dispel Kun's spirit.

Exar Kun was a master of lightsaber combat, often fighting with two blades at once. The creation of the double-bladed lightsaber is often mistakenly attributed to Darth Maul, but it was in actuality the creation of Kun. In addition to the ability for him to adjust the length of the blade, Kun was able to alter its intensity when he saw fit. He crafted his fearsome double-bladed blue saber later in his life. Kun's ingenuity served as a source of inspiration for later Sith, and in a few rare cases, Jedi and Dark Jedi, to create their own double-bladed lightsaber. The influence of Exar Kun is still strongly felt throughout the galaxy.


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