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Book I

The following historical account is a stylized version of DLS history. By recording our history in this manner, it becomes more enjoyable to read. Do note that all events taking place in our history are true, but are highly dramatized to maximize the effect. You should be able to figure out what is going on though. We are not responsible if you totally misinterpret a passage and do something completely nooby.
The first chronicle in the history of the Dark Lords of the Sith has been given the simple title of Book I. The majority of this chronicle deals with internal conflicts we suffered as a young clan. Very seldom did we lock horns with other clans. Most of our war efforts were directed to disgruntled members who often thought they deserved to run the clan on thier first day or decided that they would declare war on every single other clan on account of how cool DLS was.
Chapter 1
Order of the Obelisk
     Every great clan carries with it a great story. The story of the mighty Dark Lords of the Sith began with one simple man, fighting to make his way in the universe. Entering the scene as the Great Zone War came to a spiraling end, a young General_Nitro began his journey on the zone that would eventually lead to the creation of the all powerful Dark Lords of the Sith.
     Having missed the war, Nitro was eager to learn everything he could. He soon began following the teachings of the Obelisk, a sect of dark Jedi. After quickly mastering thier teachings, Nitro and of fellow Obelisk created the clan OO, Order of the Obelisk, which is considered by many to be the original DLS. Thier teachings won them small victories along the Outer Rim, but thier was weakness within their teachings. With that, Nitro left the boundries of the known galaxy in search of the true meaning of power.
     A year later, Nitro resurfaced on the barren Sith world of Korriban. He was accompanied by fellow ex-Obelisk and long time friend, DLS_DarthNekro. Together, they began building thier Sith empire. Thier first move was to recruit all remaining Obelisk to thier cause. A few of the Obelisk converted to the Sith and went on to become founders of DLS, but many wished to stay true to thier Sith teachings. In a final showdown, Nitro and Nekro displayed the true power of the dark side and vanquished the Obelisk from the galaxy. The duo then began to build thier Sith empire on their new homeworld, Korriban.
Chapter 2
Rise of the Sith
     At first, the arrival of the Dark Lords of the Sith did little to phase the Zone. Being one of many new clans at the begining of summer, May 2005 to be exact, DLS found itself amongst stiff competition. However, by the end of the first week, the Sith teachings spread throughout the galaxy like a wildfire. Recruits surged into the clan, wishing to learn the ways of the Sith. Many leading roles in the clan currently belong to members of this initial surge. Before the end of thier first month, DLS began to establish itself as a force to be reckoned with.
     As their numbers swelled, the Sith were forced to expand thier clan. They enlisted Imperial Stormtroopers to aid thier Sith Army. Darth Nekro's personal warship, The Necrosis, was donated to the Sith Armada. The Sith Order took on a reforms that weeded out the weak among them. Perhaps the most cunning move was allying the most powerful of the Mandalorian clans, Clan Ordo. Some beleive the alliance to be a result of common interest, others credit it to Darth Nitro's supposed Mandalorian ancestry. Although the true reason is unknown, the Sith-Mandalorian alliance will not be going anywhere any time soon.
    By the end of thier first summer, DLS was the only new clan left standing on the Zone. The strength of thier members is the reason for their survival. A few skeptical critics have called DLS a one summer clan; others have praised it as being the new dynasty of Zone. Whatever the circumstance, there is no doubt that the Dark Lords of the Sith will be around for many years to come. 
Chapter 3
The n00b Wars
     Though many clans knew and respected the power of the Sith, not every clan was as wise. Those clans, who found themselves on the wrong side of Sith rage, can be found on our Diplomacy page. During the rise of the Dark Lords of the Sith, a select few sought out to challenge the Sith teachings. Because of this, the Dark Lords of the Sith fought three different wars and has been involved in countless over conflicts. The three wars have been dubbed "The n00b Wars" because it was the teachings of the uber noob that dared to challange Sith supremacy. In a need for a more formal name, the conflict is sometimes called "The War for Sith Supremacy."
Chapter 4
Fall of the Royal Senate
     The first of the three wars was fought against the Royal Senate Forces, led by RSF_sithknight6. Sithknight6 was at one time a recruit of the Sith, but his noobness led to his departure. When he offered DLS an alliance, the Sith took a stand against his noobness and sought retaliation for the trouble he had caused during his short, yet unbearable stay.
     With that, Darth Nitro ordered the true power of his recently re-commissioned flagship, The Necrosis, to be tested. When the warship arrived, a flood of Sith troopers, led by the recently appointed Sith General Darth Vix, flooded the Royal Senate. Darth Vix dealt with the noob threat personally while his right hand man, DLS_vash_boba1, led the Sith forces to a decisive victory in the halls of the senate.
     Before departing the scene, The Necrosis's main cannon fired a blast so powerful that the senate is now believed to be nothing but a black hole. However, only the bravest of souls dare test this theory, and the space lane remains closed and forgotten to this day.
Chapter 5
The Defeat of the Dark Emperor
     The second war began very similar to the first one. Believed to be the biggest n00b of his generation, DLS_DREWTARGET, was exiled from DLS only to return with his own clan, Dark Emporor (And yes, he even spelled it wrong.). Claiming a power greater than any Sith, Drew threatened the Dark Lords of the Sith. This prompted Sith Overlord, Darth Nitro, to test out the newest addition to the clan, Clan Ordo. Clan Ordo, who now have thier own ship in the Sith Armada, The Indomitable, was the strongest of the Mandalorian warrior clans. The forces of DE were chased to the jungle planet of Felucia. This proved to be a horrible mistake because the Mandalorians possessed higly advanced stealth shield generators.
   The battle brought out the some of the best of DLS. At the time, the Mandalore was DLS_anothan, but Anothan became so obsessed with the battle that he forgot to manage his own troops. Luckily, the Mandalorians were second only to the Sith in the art of war. Mandalorian Elites, DLS_Zero and DLS_Blackmage, rose to the occassion and led Clan Ordo to a beautiful victory. A younger Mandalorian, DLS_DarthLego1, made a strong impression on his superiors because he battled with such passion. At the end of the day, Drew and his clan of noobs were defeated while the Mandalorians marched away victoriously.
Chapter 6
Academic Upheaval
  In an attempt to rid the Sith Empire of noobs, a Sith Academy was built on Korriban. One student, DLS_SA_KingkayI, became frustrated over his own incompetence and inability to master the simplest of tasks. The academy's headmaster at the time, DLS_Wraith9, failed to deal with the rebellous noob, and Kingkay set out to start his own clan. Wraith would later resign from the clan, ending an honorable run in DLS.
   Kingkay later returned at the head of his own clan, Dark Jedi (DJ), and he threatened to destroy the Sith. He later begged for forgivenness, and the Sith agreed to forgive his nooby actions under the condition that he construct a monument in thier honor. After his refusal, Nitro gave the order to have the Dark Jedi exterminated. In a sad attempt at power politics, Kingkay sought the aid of theGalactic Imperial Forces (GIF) and the Galactic Militray Forces (GMF). GIF laughed at his request, but GMF agreed.
   Unfortunately for Kingkay, DLS and GMF were strong allies. GMF had in fact "punk'd" Kingkay. Declaring that his clan could defeat the Sith alone, Kingkay lead a laughable fleet towards Korriban. When informed of the impending invasion, Nitro chuckled, "Not until the last star in the galaxy burns out, will Korriban fall." The Sith were eager to prove this declaration, and the Sith Armada immediately set itself into position. A fun-loving character, Grand Admiral Krotan ordered his men to board DJ's flagship and take everyone prisoner. The dark Jedi proved too weak to withstand the Sith, and it did not take long for the Sith to emerge victorious. All who refused to join the Sith were sent to spice mines, including Kingkay who is rumored to have hid in the armory and cried during the entire battle. 
Chapter 7
    After waging three successful wars, there was a period of peace and expansion throughout the Sith Empire. With the surge of energy, DLS began expanding into other games. For the first time, the Sith took the fight to distant battlefields in games such as Halo 2 and Gunz. While the Sith battled beyond the rim of the galaxy, many thought them to have become extinct. Rumors swirled that the clan had disbanded and its leader murdered. DLS was believed to be extinct.
   When learning of the news, Nitro decided to prove the galaxy wrong, as he had done so many times. The entirety of the scattered Sith Empire was brought to Korriban. Not much is lknown about what happened on the Sith world that day, but according to popular belief, Darth Nitro has discovered lost scrolls that once belonged to the great Marka Ragnos, and a ceremony was held in his honor. After it was over, Nitro ordered the re-establishment of his empire. With that, the Sith once again began thier conquest and domination of the galaxy.
Chapter 8
Hostile Rebellions
   During the Sith's brief abscence, a treasonous Sith soldier, DLS_night, began forming his own clan, using his reputation as a member of the Sith to bolster his cause. Night had been part of several noob offenses in the past, so when he was confronted, he quickly agreed to pledge his clan, Chaos Space Marines (CSM), as a branch of DLS. After starting his own clan, wild dreams of power took control of his feeble mind, and he declared his clan's independance from the Sith. "Request denied," Darth Nitro decreed. Fearing for his own life, Night quickly apologized. He was then ordered to aid Sith forces in crushing a Tusken Raider rebellion on Tatoonie.
   As if not humilated enough by having thier effort taken as a joke, the CSM joined the Tusken Raiders in thier attempt to invade Mos Espa. Thus, the galaxy's first noobellion had begun. The sands of Tatoonie proved to be a challenging battlefield...for the Chaos Space Marines. They ended up slowing down the Tusken war effort, making it easier for the 501st Legion of Stormtroopers, now under Sith command, to end the conflict.
   A second noobellion took place with the exile of DLS_ELVIS21. Apparently, he could not handle the fact that he was a noob. He took out his nooby angst in the room of a pitiful rebellion. He named his cause TRAD (The Reballanen Against DLS). As you can obviously tell, spelling was not his strongsuit. However, before DLS forces could mobilize, he was destroyed by an unforgiving lobby. Unable to handle the mockery, he fled. He was later captured by the Sith and taken to Korriban as a prisoner. The entire galaxy joined in chorus citing the ever popular phrase: "pwn3d."

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